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Roscoe Newton “Peach” Shaw

In 1878, Roscoe Newton’s father James C. Shaw came to Wyoming with a trail herd from Texas. He settled on a ranch near Orin Junction, Wyoming along the Platte River.


Peach was born October 12, 1896 near Orin Junction, WY to James C. and Elizabeth Shaw. Peach had six siblings: Irene, Patty, Clay, Paul, Dewey, and Ruth. James C. ran cattle and horses all over the state of Wyoming and even bought a ranch from Theodore Roosevelt in North Dakota. Peach headquartered in Converse County but grew up all over the state working the cattle and horse operation. I read in an old newspaper clipping where they had sold over 600 head of horses in one transaction to an outfit in South Dakota and trailed them up there.


His parents were always trying to get him a formal education, but he had been so busy running round-up wagons and running horses and cattle all over the state of WY, he could not settle down long enough to go to school. His oldest sister had a hotel in a mining town known as Chicago near Sunrise WY. His folks sent him to live with her to get an eighth grade diploma. He made it within weeks of the graduation and found out they were working horses to get ready for the round up somewhere near Midwest. He saddled a horse and was gone, which ended his formal education!


In 1924, he traveled to London England with Ed McCarty and put on a rodeo over there. While he was there, he rode his horse up the steps of Buckingham Palace.


On July 3, 1933, he married Gayle Neubauer who was an Extension Agent in Converse County.


Through the 30’s and 40’s, he furnished the horses for the wild horse race at Cheyenne Frontier Days. Ed McCarty was the arena director at that time. Peach helped Ed with all aspects of the rodeo and even helped with the parade. Peach would load up his 5 nephews and they would work all week at the rodeo mostly helping with the bucking stock events. Peach loved to compete in the steer roping event and roped steers all over the country. Chicago, Pendleton, Cheyenne Frontier Days, State Fair, etc.


In the fall of 1949, he bought an interest in the Red Cloud Cattle Company near Jay Em, WY. He operated that ranch until 1970. He had a knack for breeding horses and knew what horses would cross well on certain other horses. His horses had everything you could possibly ask for. Sometime around 1960 he helped establish another ranch about 60 miles east of Miles City Montana with nephew Bob Gray and wife Betty. That ranch is still in operation today.

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