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Q. Can anyone submit a nomination?

A. Yes, anyone can submit a nomination. Our hope, and our goal is to take advantage of the vast wealth of local knowledge across the state about our significant Cowboy culture.

Q. How do I submit an application for a nominee?

A. Nomination applications will be available to complete and submit online, please go to the Inductee Nomination page to find more information.

Q. Is there any fee to submit an application for a nominee?

A. No, but you can choose to make a donation, via PayPal, before you submit your application to help defer some of the costs involved with processing your nomination application and investigating your nominee.

Q. What happens to my application after I submit it?

A. Completed nominations will be sorted and sent to the regions in which the nominee resided in for most of their cowboy/cowgirl life. Local leaders on the Regional Committees will meet and review the nominations of potential honorees for their region. After investigating the nominations, the Regional Committees will identify nominees they wish to recognize and honor, then forward their recommendations to the State Board.

Q. Do the Regional Committees and the WCHF Board only select 1 nominee to be inducted each year?

A. Beginning in 2023 The Regional  Committees may choose one inductee to be honored from each county. The State WCHF Board may select two additional inductees.

Q. If the person I nominate isn’t chosen as an inductee, do I need to submit another application the following year for them to be considered?

A. Yes, each year nominations must be submitted. 

Q. How will I know if the person I nominated was selected to be inducted?

A. The nominator will be notified and all inductees to the Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame will be publicized state-wide.

Q. How can I help the Cowboy Hall of Fame?

A. There are several ways you can help the Cowboy Hall of Fame.  First of all, you can go to the support page and choose the level of support you’d like to send. Secondly, you can serve as a member of your Regional Committee, or contact the Board Director of your region and ask them if there are other things they could use your help with, like the annual or bi-annual functions to help honor the inductees.

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