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Randall “Randy” Kruger

Randy Kruger was born in Minnesota in 1946, but has lived in Wyoming since 1949 when his parents moved to Grass Creek.


His interest in horses and cattle started at an early age as he watched the LU Ranch cowboys trailing cattle through the area. He started his cowboy career the summer he turned 14 years old when he was employed by the LU Ranch.


He learned to build and repair fences, dock lambs, irrigate, shoe horses, handle a rope, and pack a string of horses. For the next 3 summers, Randy packed sheep camps in and out of the mountains for the LU Sheep Company.


Randy married Sharen Larsen in 1967. After graduating from the University of Wyoming in 1968 with a degree in range management, Randy started a lifelong ranching career at Larsen Ranch Company near Meeteetse.


Randy and Sharen have two daughters that learned to be productive by helping their family around the ranch. Besides breaking colts and tending to the cattle, Randy spent a lot of time on water developments and range improvements. One of the most successful projects he worked on was a multi-year brush burning project, which significantly increased forage available for grazing and has helped reduce winter feed costs. During the winter of 2010-2011, Randy wrote and published his memoir, The Packerboy.

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