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Laddie Guy “Lad” Smith

Laddie Smith, was born and raised in the Sandhills of Nebraska. His folks ranched there and he never left the ranch.


He’s the 2nd eldest of five siblings, four still living. All the kids worked on the ranch at some point but for Laddie it was his life’s calling. Ranching has always been his life and calling.


He grew up and went to schools in Nebraska, went to work full time on the ranch after graduation from high school. Laddie married his high school sweetheart – Lilas Turner. Together they had seven amazing kids, six still living, all living in WY except for the youngest. Laddie and Lilas celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary, August 4, 2014. He never went to college, but knows cattle and horses.


Being a cowboy wasn’t a job to him – it was what he did 24/7 all his life.


In June 1961, he found the “2nd love of his life” – the American Quarter Horse! Laddie’s been raising them every since. When they sold the ranch, on the Laramie River, and moved to town, Laddie sold most of his broodmares and colts, just keeping the few he liked best. He was down to just a couple of mares until he went to a sale this last fall in Laramie and purchased a “Blue Valentine” colt he fell in love with. So, at 89 years he’s going to raising another champion! His horses have gone all over the United States. Some sold at the Denver Western Stock Show in the working horse sale in the past.


In 1979 he had the honor of making the “Pony Express Ride” from St. Joe, MO to Sacramento, CA in 39 days on horseback.

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