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Donald “Dee” Clark

Donald ‘Dee’ Clark was born December 8, 1926 on TL Creek in Crook County Wyoming to Lewis and Louise (Atkinson) Clark. He was raised on ranches near TL Creek, New Haven and Prairie Creek (all N.W. of Hulett) with 2 brothers and a sister.


Dee left high school early to help his father on the home place. He then worked as a ranch hand on a number of ranches in Crook County and competed at some of the local rodeos on broncos and calf roping. He leased land and pasture to run his own sheep and cattle while working on ranches. He trailed sheep, cattle and horses all over the northern part of the county to find pasture and feed. In 1963 half of his sheep died due to a blizzard that blew in after shearing. He borrowed more money and continued to ranch while working as a ranch hand. As the herds grew, Dee was able to lease and buy enough land to ranch for himself with the help of his wife, Barbara, and 3 children, Merle, Denise and Clever and a good banker. The sheep were all sold in 1976 because the coyotes were eating the profits, and this is when Dee increased his black angus cattle herd.


Dee enjoyed a fast walking horse and would check his livestock, fences and hay crops on horseback. In his younger years he enjoyed working teams and repairing harness. His activities were ranching, helping neighbors work their livestock, team roping (tie down and dally), watching rodeos and youth events. He enjoyed his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. He provided them with some well broke ranch horses (because they didn’t walk fast enough for him) and saddles to help get them started helping on the ranches. He lived the American dream – from ranch hand to owning his own ranch and riding good traveling horses over a lot of beautiful country while working livestock for a living.


Dee retired from ranching at the age of 80 due to health concerns. Dee and Barbara divided the ranch between their three children, who were all in the ranching business. They moved to Hulett to enjoy the family and social life until his pass in October 11, 2012.


Dee also found time to serve on the local Co-op board and school board. He was a life member of the Hulett Roping Club where he served as arena director for many years. He was also a member of the Crook County Horseman Association and on the board of directors of the Hulett National Bank which later become the Summit National Bank. He held the record for making the most motions to adjourn the bank board meetings.

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