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Charles Alexander Blackstone

Charlie Blackstone never wanted to be anything other than a cowboy, and that’s exactly what he did all his life. He never had a job where he wasn’t horseback.


He was born at midnight, March 12, 1925 in Cody, WY. His parents ran cattle in the Heart Mountain area outside of Cody. At the age of 4, Charlie lost all hearing in his right ear, and only had partial hearing in the left. This never slowed him down in any capacity. He learned to communicate by reading lips.


Charlie went to work on the Hoodoo Ranch in 1945, and through the course of his life worked for all the large ranches in the area. He broke horses for the Pitchfork Ranch, worked at the Phelps Ranch, Trail Creek, and the Two Dot. It was while he was at the Two Dot in 1955 that he married his beloved wife, Edith. Their marriage lasted until 2013 when Edith passed away.


In the 40’s and 50’s, Charlie supplemented his ranch wages by entering the local rodeos. He was well known for his roping and bronc riding skills. In 1949, he won the all-around buckle in Greybull, WY. That same year he went to Sonora, CA and won the amateur bronc riding there. In 1950, he took 2nd out of 30 ropers in Meeteetse WY, winning $263.00 and a buckle. That was big money in those days!


With the exception of the years 1963-1968 when he was the foreman of the 7U Ranch in Idaho, he spent his life in the Cody area. For 17 years, he took care of his folks and their cattle when they became unable to take care of themselves. He and Edith ran their own cattle, and in the late 80’s and into the 90’s they held team penning competitions in their arena. Many young people benefited from their influence.


Charlie rode in his later years after knee surgery and a hip replacement and losing the remainder of his hearing. He rode his last horse at the age of 89, and really only stopped then because the horse was bitten by a rattlesnake and died!


He is well known for his roping skills, being called out every year for all the brandings for years. You can mention his name in any group of cattle or horsemen and they would all agree that Charlie is a top hand. He has earned the respect of many people, young and old, through the years. He is cowboy personified; from his bowed legs to his gnarled hands and leathered face. Charlie Blackstone never wanted to be anything other than a cowboy, and that’s exactly what he did all his life.

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