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Wes Taylor

Wes Taylor worked for Eddie Moore at the Ogallala, for Tye Moore at the Buzzard, for Nimick at the Quarter Circle 41, and for Gammons at the Quarter Circle JP.


Wes was in the service from 1959-60 until he was issued a Hardship Discharge when his Dad passed away. After that he was on the Quarter Circle 41. Wes packed for Paradise Guest Ranch in 1968. He night calved from 1970-2000 for the T up T down as well as riding their mountain permit for 19 years, all the while he kept up the home place from 1960-1999.


In his younger days he rode quite a few broncs. He’s inspired many people to cowboy for a living as well as taught many how to keep a starter and fix sourdough bread and first-class pancakes.

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