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Tim Barkhurst



Tim Barkhurst learned much about cowboy ways from his uncle Jess Barkhurst, who rode with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West. While growing up on the family ranch on Brush Creek, south of Saratoga, Tim built his first bucking chutes at the age of 4 or 5.


Tim attended the Bennett School on Brush Creek and then Saratoga High School where he loved to play basketball and to rodeo. He spent his summer months working on the ranch and rodeoing, pretty much doing then what he still does today.


When Tim was in high school he was influenced by Len Walker, who showed him what really good horses were and how to use them. Tim was a Wyoming State High School Rodeo Champion bull rider and runner-up for all-around champion at WSHA.


In 1958 Tim worked for Francis Ravenscroft Ranch on Pass Creek north of Saratoga.  Tim worked at the Saratoga sawmill and the A-A Ranch for a few years before returning to the family ranch to help his folks with their operation. While working for his parents he did some day work for several ranches in the area including the X-H, for Millie Sanger and for Alden Condict.  He worked for other ranches, but returned to the family place where he and wife Margo reared their children.


Encampment had a little roping club and that was his every evening activity. He roped in the local rodeos in Saratoga, Encampment and the surrounding areas. He participated in both team roping and calf roping, winning at many rodeos.  When his kids got old enough to compete he and Margo supported them completely and he continued to rope with them in rodeos and jackpots. He now spends time roping with his kids and grandkids teaching them all how to be top hands.


Tim has been a brand inspector for the Wyoming Livestock Board for 40 years.  He also currently operates a hunting business that he has owned for 50 years.


Tim has never been a person that would turn away from hard work and has always been willing to lend a hand during calving season, repairing a roof and he really enjoys spending time teaching any child to ride, rope or how to shoot a rifle. Tim has worked hard his whole life being a cattleman, cowboy and avid hunter.

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