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Roy Jarrard

Roy Jarrard will be the first to tell you that he never wanted to ever do anything other than be a cowboy. He was devoted his entire life to his ranch and his life stock with his family

 He does not have any shortage of stories from the countless years and miles he has spent moving cows and sheep on horses that most people could not lead to water.

On his ranch 20 miles north of Casper Roy runs close to 1,500 pairs on an outfit that at one point ran from Powder River clear to I-25. Before he had acquired more land at a lower elevation, he and his family used to trail all of their sheep and their cows to the top of the Big Horn Mountains for summer pasture and bring them back down to the headquarters before the fall. Not only has he proven to be a brilliant business man, after paying off his entire outfit after buying it off of the front steps of the court house, but he has also won many prestigious titles in the rodeo arena.

He has taken great pride in making many great horses in his life time and will be the first to admit that they were not always the greatest to ride when they began.

Any body who knows ranching in the state of Wyoming knows his name and his face and anybody you ask would agree that he has been a key player in the landscape of Wyoming ranching and will always be a symbol of the American West.

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