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Robert Marshall “Bob” Gibbs

Bob was born and raised in the Big Horn Mountains and Buffalo, Wyoming. He graduated from Buffalo High School.


He met Martha Douglas Walker at the Triangle T ranch, where she lived outside Big Horn, Wyoming. Bob competed in the calf ropings in the indoor arena there. They were married on April 15, 1953.


The first job they had was on the Berry Place in Recluse owned by Frank and Doris Greenough. Within a year or two they purchased the TY Ranch on Powder River north of Arvada. Bob and his brother, Bill leased the Beason Place on Bitter Creek for 40 years also. They ran both sheep and cattle.


Bob roped calves, tripped steers and team tied. He was a pilot and used his Super Cub for locating livestock, checking water and fences, along with buzzing a few neighbors now and then. Bob was on the Board of Directors for the Sheridan/Johnson REA for 27 years. He was also very interested in the history of the area and served on the Board of Directors for the Jim Gatchell Museum in Buffalo.

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