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John W. “Johnny” Greet

John W. Greet was born December 25, 1930 in Ten Sleep, Wyoming.


He worked all his life on the Greet Ranch. Two of his older brothers left to pursue other opportunities. Later his older brother George and John split up the ranch. John became the sole owner of the main ranch. Along with his son, Vernon, and two grandsons the ranch is still going. In 2009 the Greet ranch celebrated its centennial with a big party for family and friends.


Like many of the old time cowboys John was a shy and quiet man. When he did speak you had better listen. He rode horses and cowboyed all his life.


John helped run the rodeo chutes during the Ten Sleep rodeo held every July 4. On July 4, 1974, John won a belt buckle for a relay race between Ten Sleep and Worland with his two horses Brownie and Dick. He swore he would never do it again as it was too hard on his horses.


The upper Nowood ranchers would brand each ranch’s calves. When John and his neighbor Ped Mills got on their horses to drag calves in to be branded, all the wrestlers groaned because they knew that John and Ped would bring the calves in fast and furious.


In 2015, John received the prestigious Edward H. Stoll award from the national weather Service for 50 years as a volunteer cooperative weather observer. It is only the fourth award given in the state. He continues to be active in the ranch’s operations, but he takes great joy in watching his son Vernon and the grandsons take more of the ranch responsibilities.

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