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John S. “Jack” Runner

Jack was born on April 21, 1934. He did more with young people and gave more people a chance than anyone around.


Jack spent some time working for the Ravenscrofts when they owned part of what is now TA. He also worked for Willard Wilson at Thermopolis when he was a young man.


The high school students at TA were young men and women who were in over their heads. They grew, learned and became adults under his tutelage. One in particular never forgot some of the life lessons he learned from him. He was a great guy to work for, would tell you if you did something right and would also tell you if he thought you were wrong or if you messed up.


One day a young man couldn’t get a yearling heifer back in. He told Jack it was because he was riding a green colt. Jack looked at him with great disbelief and told him if you can’t get the job done on whatever horse you are riding you need to get off and walk.


Jack never held a grudge and is one of the most positive people you can ever be around.


He was part of the WCHA for years and held cuttings and ranch rodeos at the TA for anyone who wanted to be involved.

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