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John G. “Jack” Corbett

John (G) Corbett was born December 16, 1938 in Lander, Wyoming to Thad and Mary Noble Corbett. He is the eldest of seven children and worked on his great Uncle Sanford Mills’ Red Bluff Ranch as a young kid. Jack then began working for Sweetwater area ranchers in the summer of his teenage years. Later Jack settled with Albert and Barbara Myers on their ranch on the Sweetwater for thirteen years, breaking horses for the Myers’ and various other ranchers. He married Jean Ann Rogers, and they continued at Myers; and leased the Walt Hurner Ranch on Long Creek.


After moving to the ranch on Long Creek, they had two children, Troy and Stacie and later purchased the Hurner Place. In 1979, Jack and Jean leased the JJ Ranch on Sweetwater and later added the lease of the Hoffmeister Ranch, all of which they continue to operate.


Jack became a Brand Inspector in 1970, and continues to perform that service, as well as board member on the Popo Agie Conservation District. He served on the Jeffrey City School Board for several years in the 1980’s. Jack was also involved in the Sweetwater Roping Club and Sweetwater Firefighters.


He became an artist at a young age and painted a good many oil paintings that showed the life on the ranch and painted pictures of his neighbors doing their work.


Jack enjoys his horses, still riding young horses and working with his eight grandson’s doing what he has always done, with his neighbor’s and his cattle.

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