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Clark Leroy “Clarkie” Reynolds

Clark was born into a ranch family and raised in the Rocky Point area in northern Campbell County. He left school in 8th grade to start working for an area rancher lambing.


On his 21st birthday he married Kathleen Ann Kane. He worked on area ranches in southern Campbell County for several years as well as driving truck. He and Kathleen have two sons, Frank Clark and Quentin “Whiskers” Lee.


Clarkie eventually ended up on the Adon Road when the boys were young, where he leased places to start his own herd of red angus cattle and eventually buying the ranch they currently live on. He fed with a team until he finally had too many cattle and it became more economical to feed with tractors and pick-ups.


He has been involved in showing reined cow horses in the Wyoming Reined Cow Horse Association, serving as president, and the National Reined Cow Horse Association for many years as well as having some nice stallions for breeding. He has nice horses and is a very accomplished horseman. His true joy is spending time on his colts, riding on his cows and time with his three grandchildren. He is an honest, hardworking man who has worked hard to preserve the cowboy way of life and is an icon in Campbell County.

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