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Charles J. “Chuck” Williams

Chuck (Jr) Williams was born on the 101 Ranch north of Moorcroft in 1931 to Charles (Wild Horse Charlie) and Gwendolyn Williams. His mother died when he was just 5 years old. Chuck spent his younger years in the Oshoto area. Being the eldest of 7 kids, his responsibilities started early in life.


He attended schools in Oshoto and Moorcroft, he only completed 8th grade then school was over, time to find a job.


While at home Chuck would take a team and wagon and deliver eggs to Moorcroft. With encouragement and experience he became a phenomenal horseman.


His first job was for Elbert Zimmerschied, on Cabin Creek, at the age of 14. At a young age Chuck finished an endurance ride from Recluse to Upton, 85 miles. Chuck worked for several ranches in the area, including the Barton Ranch, near Upton, Art Zimmerschied Ranch, Keyhole and the Simpson Ranch near Rozet.


Chuck joined the Army in 1952, after he married Minnie George from the Moskee area. After his service in Korea for 16 months, he was a ranch hand for the George Sommers ranch south of Sundance, later moving to Coal Divide south of Sundance to lease a ranch, where they were on their own.


In 1965 Chuck and Minnie bought the Spring Creek Ranch, north of Moorcroft. This is where they raised their family and fulfilled all their ranching dreams. Raising cattle and haying was his job and he loved it. Chuck was the happiest when all his family was together and mounted on horseback. The hard ranch work was his life. When it came to grandchildren, just like his children, he made sure they had boots, saddles and a good horse.


Chuck helped to organize the Rocky Point Grassing Association. Chuck was a 58 year member of the Crook County Farm Bureau, lifetime member of the Moorcroft VFW, a volunteer member of the Carlile Fire Department, Crook County Search and Rescue and a member of the Church of Christ.

Chuck was a great Wyoming cowboy. He had a kindness in his heart for animals and people. He wasn’t outgoing or showy, just a hard working proud, humble cowboy. He loved the Wyoming wide open space with all his heart, and never wanted to live anywhere else.


Chuck died December 7, 2011.

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