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Cecil Vaughn McMillin

Cecil Vaughn McMillin came to Wyoming in 1913 with his folks, where they went to work on the Trail Creek Ranch, north of Cody. As an adult Cecil bought properties on Cottonwood Creek and on Trail Creek north of Cody, where he raised horses, cows, sheep and farmed.


Cecil did most of his early work with teams of horses. He skidded the logs off Rattlesnake Mountain with a team of horses to build his home. His grandchildren talk about the many pack trips into the mountains to take supplies into the sheep camp.


Cecil did not believe in breaking his horses until they were 4 years old. A couple trips around the round corral and he would open the gate, so you learned to ride real fast or you did not survive!


Cecil continued to ride, ranch and farm until his death in 1983. Today his sons and grandchildren continue to ranch and farm the property he bought in the 1940’s. He raised real cowboys in his sons and grandchildren who carry on his family traditions of ranching, rodeoing and doing things the cowboy way!!

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