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Carlton Perry

Carleton Perry, Dec. 1, 1931 to March 6, 2017, parents Russell and Hester Perry, the oldest of 6 children, born in Ware, MA As a thirteen-year-old boy, Carleton left his home and family in MA and moved to Montana to pursue his dream of becoming a cowboy. He worked for a ranch in Montana until his family moved to Big Horn, WY where he joined them. He graduated from Big Horn High School, served in the Korean War, and on returning graduated from Sheridan College.

At this time, he married, Jackie Hape, and they moved to Laramie, WY where he attended the University of Wyoming. After graduating, they moved back to Big Horn where he went to work on DVM Bob Connell's ranch. When a small acreage, come up for lease he went out on his own and shortly later leased another small acreage. After four years, a friend confided he would like to leave ranching for another profession.

Carleton worked out a plan and for 33 years, Harvey Fryberger and Carleton were in partnership. During these years, they raised three boys, Nolan, Dale, and Paul. Also during these years, they purchased a ranch. Finally, they owned their own ranch. After years of hard work, Carleton found himself needing more land. After searching, he bought a ranch on Mule Creek near Newcastle. A few years later he added another ranch near Rozet and Moorcroft. He also bought a piece of land down the road from the home ranch. Carleton loved ranching and working with horses and cows.

He never owned an ATV and always irrigated and checked his cows by horseback. He loved big family gatherings, helping kids rodeo and was always willing to loan a horse or a pickup to get them on their way. The family competed in the county rodeo for many years. Carleton also worked at the Elks Young Rodeo. Another activity, he enjoyed was square dancing and he and Jackie attended many local and out of town dancing, making many friends along the way.

Carleton served two terms in the legislature. He was very active in Farm Bureau, served on school boards, the library board, and his ditch board.

On March 6, 2017, while working cattle Carleton was killed. What a success story. He started penniless and through hard work became a very successful rancher.

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