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Ben C. “Benny” Reynolds

1942 –


Ben C. Reynolds was born Dec. 9, 1942 in Las Vegas, New Mexico, the son of Jimbo and Frances Reynolds. At the time his father worked for the Gill Cattle Company, and when Gill purchased a new ranch near Parkman, the family, including five-year-old Ben came to Wyoming. Gills owned thousands of head of mother cows and yearlings throughout the more than 20 years they owned it and it took cowboys to operate the ranch. Even as a young boy Ben Reynolds helped, sometimes falling asleep horseback as he rode back to the ranch with the men.


Working for Gill Cattle Company in Parkman, Wyoming, Ben Reynolds learned from the owners of the ranch and from his father, Jimbo Reynolds. He grew up learning the cowboy way of life, gathering and herding cattle every day, learning how to load cattle on the rail and later on trucks. He always carried his rope with him and like every kid, threw a loop at anything that moved, including deer, elk, and the occasional badger.


Reynolds started competing in rodeos at 12 years of age. He earned his PRCA card at his first PRCA rodeo in Billings, MT and continued to rope at PRCA rodeos till just a few years ago. Reynolds has spent his adult life as a cowboy from rodeoing to doing day work for many friends and ranches He has been training horses at his place on Big Goose in Sheridan for over 40 years. He trains everything from ranch horses to roping, cutting, and reining horses.

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