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Alfred F. “Al” Scoon

Alfred F. Scoon 1864-1938

Al Scoon sailed from Scotland to America at the age of 14 after having lost his mother and father. After landing at New York, he hired on with the Arbuckle Coffee Company to escort a trainload of horses to Denver. From there he reached Wyoming Territory and continued a new life of adventure and freedom.


He rode herds to Montana, cowboyed near Kemmerer and teamstered and was stable boss for the P. J. Quealy Mines at Rock Springs. He held a timber claim above Horse Creek and a homestead on the divide which he later parlayed into his Quarter Circle C ranch on Horse Creek near Meriden.


His adventures ranged from transporting by sea numerous crates of draft horses for the PO Ranch destined for London’s fire wagons, to the fond remembrance of Lily Langtry’s performances at the Cheyenne Club.


Al cowboyed for, and later became foreman of, the JG (Little Horse Creek Cattle Company—the Hunter Ranch) near Meriden, the same position his son, William (Bill) Scoon, (2015 WCHF Inducee) would hold. After retiring from the JG, Al and his wife Agnes (Brown) worked their ranch the remainder of their lives.


Al and Agnes instilled their work ethic, keen intellect, resolve and sense of duty to their five sons: William, Robert, John, Howard and Kenneth.

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